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Pre-Symposium Tour

Departure from BSI Main Bus Terminal  in Reykjavík  at 8:00 a.m. on June 23 2013.

Three buses marked with EGF PRE-TOUR  in the window - please look for the bus marked with your hotel/guesthouse in Akureyri.
Staff from EGF will be at the bus terminal and travel with the group.

A special Pre-Symposium guided tour, which takes approximately 8 hours is offered across the Icelandic higlands on the mountain road Kjalvegur / Kjölur route ( see linked Google map).

The tour will take participants through Þingvellir National Park to Geysir, Iceland's best known hotspring and then to the picturesque waterfall Gullfoss. From there Kjölur route across Iceland between the glaciers Langjökull and Hofsjökull, with a short stop at Hveravellir, a unique nature reserve. From Hveravellir north through the highland pasture of Auðkúluheiði to the valley Blöndudalur, from there further on route No 1 to Akureyri.

Price: 14.600 ISK

The bus tour across Iceland requires minimum participation, booking of the pre-symposium tour is through Nonni Travel Agency.


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